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We Make It Easy to Find Advertisers Relevant to Your Audience
You are an influencer and you are busy with creating content, engaging with your audience, following trends. This is never easy and we understand that. Therefore we find advertisers for you so that you can keep doing what you are best at. Influencing!
Finding the Best Audience Fit for Your Brand Has Never Been Easier
Increasing competition in ad networks and rise of adblock tools have caused your ROAS to decrease significantly. Fenomio lets you reach your target audience through the voice of social media influencers to boost your return.
Discover the best social media influencer marketplace.
Find social media influencers.

Our proprietary platform includes the micro-influencers with the most loyal audience. We enable you to find the best influencers through category selection or keyword search. Our location, gender and age filters will help you even further.

Pay per Click or Pay per Post

You can work with Instagram influencers on our platform on pay per click or pay per post basis. All you need to do is to sign up to the platform and create a campaign. Then you can either invite influencers to your campaign or wait for them to apply themselves.

Monetize your content, creativity, and influence in the industry’s largest social media influencer marketplace.
Freelance opportunities for journalists, writers, photographers, videographers, designers, animators, musicians, and composers.
Share branded content and earn money based on the performance of your post.
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